Outpatients who are handed a prescription at their clinic on the hospital site can now go the Pharmacy Shop for a faster service.

Our aim is to dispense the majority of prescriptions within 20 minutes; complex prescriptions may take a little longer but be assured our staff will try to dispense prescriptions as soon as practical.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we can only dispense medication for outpatients who are given an Outpatient Prescription from Stockport NHS Foundation Trust. We can not dispense normal green prescriptions.

Unfortunately we are unable to dispense green (FP10) paper prescriptions, or electronic token prescriptions given to you by your GP or prescriber. Click here to find details of other pharmacies near you who will be able to dispense this type of prescription for you.

As we can not dispense prescriptions from your GP, it is not possible to nominate us to receive your prescriptions electronically (EPS).

Prescription charges at The Pharmacy Shop are the same as other pharmacies. If you meet the criteria to be exempt from prescription charges, you will not need to pay for your medication. Anyone who is not exempt will have to pay the current prescription charge for each item on your prescription. Click here to read more about prescription costs.

During your consultation at Stepping Hill Hospital, if you are issued an outpatient prescription, the prescriber or a member of their team will discuss your medication with you and what you must do in the future. A letter will be sent to your GP and arrangements will be made for them to issue you a regular prescription which can be dispensed from a regular pharmacy. A copy of your outpatient prescription will also be given to you, which you should take to your next consultation with your GP.